Timaru wood burner deadline fast approaching

Timaru wood burner users are being reminded they have more options for upgrading if they act by October 31.

Older-style wood burners aged 15 years and up must be replaced on properties measuring under 2 hectares in the Timaru Clean Air Zone.  Affected homeowners have until October 31 to lodge a building consent with the Timaru District Council if they want to upgrade to a low emission wood burner.

“Replacing an expired wood burner with a low emission wood burner won’t be an option from next month onwards.  By getting started now, you’re giving yourself more options to choose from,” said Environment Canterbury air quality director Katherine Trought.

“If you take the first step, we will accommodate delays outside of your control after October 31.  This would apply to those who are still waiting on building consent approval, waiting on a retailer to provide a quote, waiting on a retailer to lodge a consent on their behalf, waiting on installation, or waiting on the subsidy process,” Trought said.

"We are in contact with retailers, Energy Smart and the Timaru District Council.  If your name is on their waiting lists or on their books, we would consider this to be a genuine step towards lodging a building consent.  You will be treated as though you have met the deadline and will be eligible for a low emission wood burner,” she said.

Taking the first step

Most people are aware of the October 31 deadline but some people are still confused about what to do next.  If you want to continue using wood to heat your home, the first step is to choose the new wood burner you want and then lodge a building consent in person at the Timaru District Council offices – or find a retailer who will do it all on your behalf.

“Of course, not everyone will choose to act before October 31.  Those people will still be able to burn wood to heat their homes, but they will need to do so with an ultra-low emission wood burner and we will help them work towards that.”

Contact us for help or subsidies

Trought said subsidies of up to $5000 were still available for low-income households including tenanted properties.  Wood burner users who have questions, worries or financial struggles are encouraged to contact Environment Canterbury on 0800 329 276.

Find out more about our wood burner subsidies.