Canterbury - Flood Information

Message updated 11am 23 July 2017.

The rain over the last two days has caused widespread surface runoff and disruption to transport routes. The larger foothill rivers throughout Canterbury have all risen through Friday and Saturday but have all now peaked and water is receeding.

There is still extensive surface flooding throughout the region. Focus over the next few days will be enabling the draining of ponded water as quickly as possible.

For the latest rainfall information visit: and river information:

Te Waihora / Lake Ellesmere

The current lake level is 1.55m. The lake was last opened to the sea on June 29th and stayed open for 12 days, this lowered the lake to 0.98m. As soon as conditions permit (likely Monday 23rd) we will begin work on creating a cut for the opening. The current high swell prevents work from starting immediately. At this stage we estimate it will take at least three days to create the cut meaning it will be at least Wednesday or Thursday before water levels in and around the lake begin to lower.