Report an environmental issue

Are you concerned that an activity may be damaging our environment? Ring (03) 366 4663 or 0800 765 588 to report an environmental issue.  Our pollution hotline is monitored 24-7.

Types of incidents reported include pollution in waterways, unauthorised water usage, dumping of hazardous materials and domestic waste, earthworks disturbing waterways and outdoor fires.

Reports from the individuals on potential incidents are prioritised based on risk to the environment or risk to the public. We take action on all reports we receive however this action may range from an investigation by an officer through to logging the incident on our database for future reference and analysis.

Incidents are dealt with by our monitoring and compliance team. Priority is given to cases that pose a significant risk to the public or environment. Some incidents may result in alleged offences under the Resource Management Act 1991 and lead to enforcement or prosecutions so we need clear details and some essential information to support our investigations.

Essential information includes: