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Braided River Revival / Whakahaumanu Ngā Awa ā Pākihi

Last updated: 24 May 2024
Reporting frequency: Quarterly
Portfolio: Biodiversity and biosecurity

We are creating landscape-scale alignment to revive our braided rivers from the mountains to the sea/ki uta ki tai and restore the connections between people and rivers.

We will work to coordinate a regional alliance to create landscape-scale alignment and encourage communities to participate in reviving these critical ecological corridors.

We will lead and support both protection and enhancement and seek opportunities to support new initiatives.

Find out more about Canterbury’s braided rivers.

This work includes:

How are we tracking on our Levels of Service?

Level of Service 16: Partner with Ngāi Tahu, agencies, landowners and the community to maintain the natural character and restore the mauri of braided rivers, ki uta ki tai.

As part of this Level of Service we will:

  • 16.1: Ensure partners are aligning work in braided rivers through the development and implementation of ki uta ki tai river revival strategies for braided rivers.
  • 16.2: Actively manage Environment Canterbury-owned land to protect the natural character of rivers.
  • 16.3: Manage and maintain regional parks to promote and protect a range of braided river values.

How are we doing: We continue to promote and support the landscape alliance approach to braided rivers through collaborating with ngā Papatipu Rūnanga, community groups, the Department of Conversation and Land Information New Zealand on extensive weed control work in rivers, including alignment with flood resilience and berm transition work.

The Regional Braided River Flagship weed control programme has begun in the upper Rangitata and Rakaia in collaboration with the Department of Conservation and Land Information New Zealand. 

Public engagement on the draft Rakitata Revival Strategy closed in early October and the project team has been working through the feedback. 

We are on track to complete the following projects:  

  • Kowhai Bush predator control for forest bird conservation
  • Protection (via fencing) of high value ecological areas on the Rakaia Reserves and Kaitorete 
  • Weed control at Environment Canterbury land reserve sites. 

Staff are working to develop a regional parks strategy that links to the 50 Year Land Strategy. We are closely monitoring this work as timeframes are tight for completion. 

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