Decision and legal documents

After Environment Canterbury has made a decision on your resource consent application, you will receive a copy — as will any submitters if your application was notified. Be sure to read it as soon as you receive it and contact us to clarify any points you do not fully understand.

If you are happy with the decision
If you wish to carry out the activity covered by the consent you should advise the regional council in 15 working days of receiving it. This only applies to applications where there have been no submitters. The resource consent commences immediately unless you lodge an objection.
If there were submitters on your application, you must wait 15 working days to see whether any appeals are lodged. If there are none, then you may exercise the resource consent.
If you are not happy with the decision
If you (the applicant) or a submitter are not satisfied with the decision, you may be entitled to:
  • Lodge an objection within 15 working days with the regional council, which is only possible if there were no submissions; or
  • Lodge an appeal or enquiry with the Environment Court.

You must have legal standing under the Resource Management Act 1991 and understand the procedures that need to be followed before you lodge an objection or appeal. If you fail to follow correct procedures your appeal may be dismissed without you having the opportunity to present your case.

Our staff can help you understand the procedures required to lodge an objection or appeal. You should seek legal advice if you wish to appeal to the Environment Court. It is a good idea to get the estimate of the costs you may be faced with before proceeding with an Environment Court hearing.