What’s new at the Harbourmaster’s office?

Changes to the rules around swing moorings are the focus of Environment Canterbury’s latest navigation safety newsletter.

Swing moorings are usually concrete blocks positioned on the sea bed with a series of chains attached to a buoy, which floats on the water.  There are approximately 700 swing moorings in Canterbury, and these are privately owned but the Harbourmaster’s office manages their placement and safety.

The Navigation Safety Bylaw 2016 sets out the rules around the use of swing moorings and other navigation safety issues. Since the bylaw came into force, the Harbourmaster’s office has spoken to many people in the community and answered their questions.

To help recap all the questions that typically come up, the latest newsletter breaks down some of the main points that people need to know about.  This includes mooring fees, selling mooring equipment, mooring inspections, applying for a new mooring, vacant moorings and waiting lists in designated mooring areas.

Anyone who has a swing mooring, or who might want one, should know that the Harbourmaster’s office is now offering two new online forms (which are also printable) so you can apply for a new swing mooring or change an existing mooring (including cancelling a mooring, increasing the length of your vessel, inspecting a mooring, leaving a mooring vacant for 6+ months).

Find out more

The friendly staff in the Harbourmaster’s office are always happy to talk you through any of the rules and help you get the information you need on swing moorings or anything related to navigation safety.

If you have any questions email harbourmaster@ecan.govt.nz or call 0800 324 636.

For additional details on swing moorings, read Environment Canterbury’s swing mooring booklet.