River Flow Alert

Last updated: 2.32pm Thu, 22 Sep 2022

Dickeys Road temporary floodgate closure

Midnight to 1 AM on Oketopa October 6 2022

The Dickeys Road retractable floodgate is located on the high point of Dickeys Road, between the Christchurch Northern Motorway and the underpass of State Highway 1. When closed it spans the road, creating a watertight barrier connection to the Waimakariri secondary stopbank.

Temporary floodgate closure

When: Midnight to 1 AM on 6 October 2022. This closure is planned at night to minimise local traffic disruption and test night operation capability.

Details: The Dickeys Road north-bound lane will be closed for 45 minutes; the south-bound lane (and full road closure) for an additional 15 minutes.

Access: Priority will be given to Dickeys Road access for fire, ambulance, police, and other emergency services as needed.


Takapō/Tekapo Riverbed

Due to the high level of Lake Takapō Genesis Energy are spilling flows from the Lake into the Takapō Riverbed.

Flows are currently between 100 - 110 cumecs. The flows will be elevated in the Takapō Riverbed for several days at least. 

At these spill flows, significant flooding issues are unlikely, but anyone intending to use the riverbed for camping or recreational purposes should be aware of changing flows and flow patterns over the coming days. Safe access through parts of the riverbed can be impacted as flows vary and previously dry channels in the river open up to flows. 

Waitaki Lakes Area

Due to the very high July/August rainfall, Lake levels in the upper Waitaki System are very high for this time of year and changing flows in all rivers connecting the major hydro lakes can be expected over the coming weeks.  

Lower Waitaki River

Waitaki River flows will likely remain in the 500-700 cumecs range, as they have been for the last couple of days.

This message will be updated if the situation changes, and particularly if significant changes in the Takapō River flow.

For more information view River flow data or Rainfall data.