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Navigation safety guidance and advice

Date: 01 July 2019
Reporting Frequency: Annually
Category: Climate Change and Community Resilience


Navigation safety guidance and advice available every day.



About this goal

Navigation safety guidance and advice is provided by the Harbourmaster’s Office 365 days a year.

Why does it matter?

The Harbourmaster’s Office is responsible for managing all maritime-related activities that may affect the safe navigation of vessels on Canterbury’s many waterways.

What's being done?

Our work includes the navigation safety aspects of the operation of cruise ships and commercial ships, plus a wide range of recreational boating activities – that’s everything from kayaking to jet boating, sailing to stand up paddleboarding. We also manage swing moorings.

Basically, if you operate any type of vessel on any waterway in the Canterbury region, we're here to make sure you do it safely. Find out more about controls and limitations specified under the Navigation Safety Bylaw 2016 and Controls.

Find out more

Read the Navigation Safety Bylaw document

View the Recreational boating page

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