Change 2 - Hinds

Plan Change 2 - Hinds is operative.

You can view information relating to its development below or the full Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan (LWRP), including any changes made as a result of Plan Change 2.

Plan Change 2 introduced provisions to manage the use of land and water resources in the Hinds/Hekeao catchment.


Plan Change 2 has been developed and is under review.

Public notification

Plan Change 2 has been publicly notified.


Submissions to Plan Change 2 closed on 24 October 2014.


Hearings commenced on 16 June 2015 - 17 July 2015.


Council made a decision.


Council's decisions have been publicly notified and the appeals period has closed.

Plan operative

Council has made Plan Change 2 to the Land and Water Regional Plan operative from 1 June 2018.

Current stage

Plan operative~~

Previous stages


There are no review documents to show.


Original submissions
Aitken, Aubrey
Align Farm Partners
Allen Christopher
Ashburton District Council
Ashburton Hinds Drainage Rating District Liasion Committee
Ballance Agri-Nutrient Limited
Balshando Trust (Balshando Farming Limited)
Bank of New Zealand
Barrhill Chertsey Irrigation Limited (BCI)
Beef & Lamb New Zealand Limited
Bishop, Stephen
Bodiam Dairies Limited
Bowden Environmental
Burke Joanne
Cannak Farms Limited
Central South Island Fish and Game Council
Community & Public Health, Canterbury District Health Board
Dairy Holdings
Dairy NZ
De Veth John
Director General of Conservation
Early, Jan and Grant
Eiffelton Community Group Irrigation Scheme
Eiffleton Community Group Irrigation Scheme Incorporated (ECGIS)
Everest, P and Others
Federated Farmers of New Zealand, Combined Canterbury Provinces
Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited
Fulton Hogan Limited
Gallagher G W B & T M
Gordon Dion
Gregory Partnership
Hinds Plains Land and Water Partnership
Horticulture New Zealand
Hydrotrader Limited
Irrigation New Zealand
Kingston, William
Longbeach Dairies Limited
Longbeach Estate Limited
Low, John
Lowcliffe Dairies Limited
Lumsden, George
M and M Stoddart Limited
Mayfields Hinds Irrigation Limited
McKenzie, Fraser Alister
McLauchlan Ben
N Stoddart Limited
New Zealand Pork
NL & GM Carr Family Trust
NZSF Rural Investments (No 1) Limited
Orton Green Farm Limited
Price Athel
Rangitata Diversion Race Management Limited
Ravensdown Fertiliser Co-operative Limited
Read, Lyndsay
Read, M and K
Schmack, Brent
Shepherds Bush 2004 Limited
Stack Brendon
Stack Daniel
Strathern Farms Limited
Studholme Alistair
Submission on V2 pLWRP by Murdoch James
Surrey Hills Station
Synlait Farms Limited
Synlait Milk Limited
Tavendale, John
Taylor Deane
Te Runanga o Arowhenua & Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu
Terralea Partnership
The Fertiliser Association of New Zealand
Townshend, Keith Bruce
Upper Hinds Plains Land User Group
Valetta Farms Limited & Valetta Holdings Limited
Valetta Irrigation Limited
Valetta Pastures
Wavelength Dairies
Wilson Gary
Winchester, Edward
Summary of decisions requested


Independent Hearing Commission documents
Submitter documents
Tabled at the hearing
Reply to Panel from Horticulture NZ
Reply to Panel from DoC
Reply to Panel from Federated Farmers NZ
Reply to Panel from DairyNZ Fonterra
Reply to Panel from Ngai Tahu - Response
Reply to Panel from CSI Fish and Game
Reply to Panel from RDRML - Supplementary Statement of Evidence
Reply to Panel from RDRML Signed Statement of Evidence - B Curry
Response to Panel, UHPLUG Lynn Torgerson Supplementary Evidence
Statement of corrections - Memo - Mayfield-hinds
Statement of corrections - P G Everest
CRC Response to s42A Report Questions from Commissioners - 19 June
DairyNZ and Fonterra Legal Submission - 19 June
Ngai Tahu Legal Submission - 18 June
A Studholme - 17 June
Eiffelton Irrigation Group I MacKenzie - 17 June
Eiffelton-Supplement note from Ian Mackenzie
Horticulture NZ Legal Submission - 17 June
Longbeach Estate - 17 June
CRC Legal Submission - 16 June
Commissioner Questions Arising from s42A Report and CRC Responses - 16 June
DoC Legal Submission - 16 June
CRC Supplementary Zone Committee Notes - 16 June
Ravensdown Supplementary Week 2 Day 1
Ravensdown Amendments to V2 pLWRP Week 2 Day 1
CSI Fish and Game for Week 2 Day 1 - Legal Submission
CSI Fish and Game for Week 2 Day 1 - Amendments to V2
CSI Fish and Game for Week 2 Day 1 - Additional Material
Purata Farming Limited for Week 2 Day 1 - Supplementary Evidence
RDRML for Week 2 Day 2 - Legal Submission
Canterbury Regional Council Week 2 Day 2 - Memo of Counsel
Mayfield Hinds Irrigation Limited, Legal Submission - 16 July
Valetta Irrigation Limited, Legal Submission - 16 July
Irrigation NZ Limited, A Curtis, Evidence Statement - 16 July
Dairy Holdings Limited, Summary of Submissions - 16 July
Barrhill Chertsey Irrigation Limited, Summary of Submissions - 16 July
Hinds Plain Land Water Partnership - Evidence Pt1, R McDowell - 17 July
Hinds Plain Land Water Partnership - Evidence Pt 2, R McDowell - 17 July
Hinds Plain Land Water Partnership, Evidence G Early - 17 July
Hinds Plain Land Water Partnership, Evidence D Clark - 17 July
CRC Response Day1 and S42A Questions from Commissioners - 17 July
General documents
Hearing audio transcripts
Coming soon.


All appeals on PC2 have been resolved. For further information on changes made by the High Court to PC2, please see the ‘Appeal Documents’ table below.

Appeal documents

Order Amending Plan Change 2 - Federated Farmers

Order Amending Plan Change 2 - Rangitata Diversion Race Management

Order Amending Plan Change 2 - Barrhill Chertsey Irrigation Limited