Annual Report Summary | Whakarāpopoto Pūrongo Ā-Tau

Our Annual Report is prepared each year. Its purpose is to report on what we did in that financial year, compared with what we said we would do in our annual plan.

The annual report includes an overview of our achievements from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023, plus summaries for each of our portfolios of work.

Within our portfolios(external link), we have key levels of service, which are our commitment to the community. Each portfolio section includes a report on the targets identified for each level of service.

An important part of the annual report is the financial reporting. This includes a financial commentary and statements and our statement of accounting policies. We also include information about our organisation, including the details of our Councillors.

This summary is an overview of the financial and service results for year two of our Long-Term Plan 2021-31.

Download the full Annual Report for Annual Report 2022/23 (PDF File, 15.4MB).

This summary does not include the disclosures and detailed financial information that are in the full Annual Report.