Change 4 - Omnibus

Plan Change 4 is operative. You can view information relating to its development below or the full Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan (LWRP)including any changes made as a result of Plan Change 4.

Plan Change 4 introduces new policies and rules into the region-wide section of the LWRP, including new new provisions to:

  • protect riverbed and lake habitats where inanga spawn
  • prevent activities encroaching into the beds of Canterbury’s braided rivers
  • require operators of reticulated stormwater systems to manage the quality of stormwater entering the reticulated network
  • protect community drinking water supplies.


Current stage

7. Plan operative~~
Plan Change 4 was made operative on 11 March 2017. Read the full Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan.

Previous stages

1. Review
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3. Submissions
4. Hearings
Submitter Documents

Key impacts of the Plan Change 4

View our video clips on the key impacts of Plan Change 4 (Omnibus).  Click here for more information on the Land & Regional Water Plan.