Change 5 - Nutrient Management and Waitaki

Plan Change 5 to the Land and Water Regional Plan has been prepared to manage the diffuse loss of nutrients from farming activities. PC5 incorporates the outputs of the ‘Matrix for Good Management’ project by requiring farming activities to restrict their nitrogen losses to rates that are reflective of ‘Good Management Practice’. You can read the background documents here.

Plan Change 5 also incorporates the Farm Portal, a web-based tool for estimating nitrogen losses from farming activities operated at Good Management Practice.  

The plan change is structured in two parts. Part A of PC5 amends the policies, rules and schedules in the region-wide section of the LWRP, while Part B amends Section 15B of the Plan to introduce new policies, rules and limits developed through a collaborative planning process.

Plan Change 5 is in progress. You can view information relating to its development below. 

 progress bar  showing status of PC 5 in appeals

1. Review
No content to show at this stage
3. Submissions
Original Submissions
Amuri Dairying Ltd and Others
Amuri Irrigation Co Ltd
Anderson D_K and Anderson B
Arnstead Organic Farm
Auchenbrae Farm Ltd and Others
Ballance Agri-Nutrients Ltd
Balmoral and Mt John Station
Banks B
Banks J and T
Barrhill Chertsey Irrigation Limited
Barton N
Becker M
Beef and Lamb NZ
Bellfield Land Co Ltd
Benmore Irrigation Company Ltd
Benmore Station
Burke G J
Cameron W N and S P
Campbell A
Canterbury District Health Board
Carswell S J
Central Plains Water Limited
Central South Island Fish and Game Council
Chisnall W G S
Claremont Farms Ltd
Craigmore Farming
Dairy NZ
Dairy Holdings Limited
Dave Ashby Rural Consultants Limited
Director General of the Department of Conservation
Egg Prodecers Federation of Poultry Industry Assoc of NZ
Ellesmere Sustainable Agriculture Incorporated
Ellis-Lea Farm
Ellis R
Federated Farmers New Zealand
Fertiliser Association of New Zealand
Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited
Forest and Bird NZ
Forrester J and R
Forrester K
Forrester M and G
Genesis Energy Limited
Giles M
Glenmac Farms
Glentanner Station Limited and Others
Gloag A J
Gary J_R_B and H
Haldon Station Ltd
Harding A D
Harrison P
Hayes A
Hillcrest Farm and Others
Hoban J K W and Others
Hodder W D
Holland D G
Horticulture New Zealand
Huggins T
Hunter Downs Development Company Limited
Hurst M J F
Hurunui SNA Group Rural Advocacy Network
Irrigation New Zealand Incorporated
Johnston B and D
Johnston R H M
Kakakhu Catchment Group
Keeling Dairies Ltd
Killermont Station 2012 Limited
Kingsbury M
Kokoamo Farms Ltd
Lee D
Lissington B and J and Others
Lower Waitaki River Management Society
Mackenzie District Council
Mackenzie Irrigation Company Limited
Marshall C J
Maungatahi Farm Ltd
McKenzie D W
McFadden J R
McFarlane A
McLean G and M
Meridian Energy Ltd
Metherell G
MFS Venture Ltd
Moir Farms Maimai Limited
Morven Glenavy Ikawai Irrigation Company Limited
Mt Cook Alpine Salmon
Mulcock C J
Munro A R and K H
Murchison J G and L M
Murphy B
Neal K B
Neill S and Others
New Zealand Defence Force
Na Runanga and Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu
Nth Canterbury and Central Sth Island Fish and Game Council
Nutrient Solutions Ltd
NZ Deer Farmers Association
Omarama Station Limited
Omarama Stream Water Users Group
Opuha Water Ltd
Orari Catchment Group
Orari Water Users Group
Phillips N and S
Pukaki Tourism Holdings LP
Purata Farming Ltd
Rangatahi Downs Land Trust
Rangitata Dairies
Rangitata Diversion Race Management Ltd
Ravensdown Limited
Rietveld J A
Sloss K
Small N
Sparrow M
Spectrum Group
Stackhouse Farm
Stoddart G
Strathnea Downs Ltd
Sutton R
The Wolds Station Ltd
Trustpower Limited
Twinburn Ltd
Twizel Dairy
Van t Klooster G
Waihuna Dairies Ltd
Waikakahi Farmers Group
Waimakariri Irrigation Ltd
Waimate District Council
Waitaki Irrigators Collective Ltd
West Edge
White K A
Central South Island Fish and Game partial withdrawl of submission point
Meridian Energy Ltd partial withdrawal of submission point
4. Hearings
Submitter Documents
Evidence tabled at the hearing
Barrhill Chertsey - Graphs
Barrhill Chertsey - Legal Submission
Beef and Lamb - M Harcombe
Bellfield Land and Others - Authorisation Letter G Ryder
Benmore Station
C Marshall
CDHB - Dr D Williams
Central Plains Water - Legal Submissions
Dairy Holdings - Legal Submissions
Dairy NZ - Signed EIC - S Ledgard
Dairy NZ - Legal Submissions
Dairy NZ - Responese to Further Questions Original Submission
Dairy NZ - Response - Dr Stewart Ledgard
DairyNZ - Memorandum
ECan - Additional responses to questions arising at Reply hearing
ECan - Appx A - Excerpt from PC2 Decision
ECan - Appx B -1 Well Smart v QLDC 2015 NZEnvC 214
ECAN - B Shepherd
ECan - Bluehaven
ECan - Cephas v Tasman
ECAN - D Christensen
ECAN - K White
ECan - Latter-Day Saints
ECAN - Legal Submissions
ECan - Legal Submissions
ECan - Motiti Avocados
ECan - Reply to Hearing Panel Questions
ECan - Reply to Hearing Panel Questions- Appdx A
ECan - Response to Questions
ECan - S32AA Report
FANZ - G Sneath
Federated Farmers - Legal Submissions
Fertiliser Assoc NZ - Memorandum
Fonterra - Memorandum of Counsel
Fonterra - Case Law
Fonterra - Legal Submissions
Forest and Bird - Legal Submissions
Horticulture NZ - Memorandum of Counsel
Horticulture NZ - Response to Panel Questions
Hurunui SNA Group - J McFadden
INZ - Annexure A Second Statement Supplementary Evidence I McIndoe
INZ - Memo of Counsel response to Panel Questions
INZ - Memo of Counsel Response to Questions
INZ - Second Statement of Supplementary Evidence - I McIndoe
Irrigation NZ - Legal Submissions
Irrigation NZ - Memorandum
IrrigationNZ - Excerpts
Lower Waitaki River Management Society Inc - I McIlraith
Murchison, Hoban and Others, Errata and Statement - L Murchison
Ngai Tahu - Legal Submissions
Ngai Tahu - Memo of Counsel - Ta M Solomon
Ngai Tahu - Memo of Counsel Hearing issues
Ngai Tahu - Response to Panel Minute 2
Ngai Tahu - Summary of Evidence T Davidson
NZDFA - E Noonan
NZDFA - Part I Material
NZDFA - Part II Landcare Manual
Opuha Water - Legal Submissions
Phillips N - Signed Statement
PIANZ and EPFNZ - P Israelson
Pukaki Tourism - M Girvan
Pukaki Tourism - Presentation with Notes
Pukaki Tourism - Signed statement N Ledgard
RDRML - Corrections to Evidence D Greaves
RDRML - Legal Submissions
WIC - 1st Year Wheat
WIC - 3rd Year Wheat
WIC - s42A ECan Hakataramea Hill sub-regional rules
WIC - s42A ECan Hakataramea River sub-regional rules
WIC - s42A ECan Valley and Whitneys Creek sub-regional rules
WIC - WIC proposed rules for Haka River Zone
WIC - WIC proposed rules for Hakataramea Flat Zone
WIC - WIC proposed rules for Hakataramea Hill Zone
WIC - WIC proposed rules for Valley, Tribs, and Whitneys
WIC - Further Legal Submissions
WIC - Further Legal Submissions
WIC - Legal Submissions
WIC - s42A ECan Greater Waikakahi sub-regional rules
WIC - s42A ECan Hakataramea Flat Zone sub-regional rules
WIC - Signed Statement MFS Ventures
WIC - Statement K White
WIC - Updated Provisions L Taylor
WIC - Updated Provisions L Taylor
Balmoral Mt John Station
LWRMS- Canning A
Memo-of-Counsel Ngai-Tahu Response-to-Panel-Questions
Meridian Energy LtdMemorandum-Response-to-Panel-Questions-Original-Submission
Meridian Legal Submissions
Ravensdown- C Hansen - Changes
Ravensdown Response to Panel Questions
RDRML Response to Panel Questions
5. Decisions
Council adopted these recommendations at a Council Meeting on 15 June 2017 and the decision was publicly notified on 24 June 2017.

Key impacts of the Nutrient Management and Waitaki Plan Change

View our video clips on the key impacts of the Nutrient Management and Waitaki Plan Change.  Click here for more information on the Land & Regional Water Plan.