Resource consent extras

A resource consent is an important legal document. Ensure you read it as soon as you receive it. Please contact us for clarification if you do not fully understand it.

It may include conditions which control the way an activity is carried out. Those conditions are designed to maintain and protect Canterbury’s natural resources for other users, both now and in the future.

It is your responsibility as the consent holder to adhere to the conditions of the consent. If you do not, you risk enforcement action.

How long does a resources consent last?

Most resource consents include an expiry date. If you want to continue the activity after the expiry date you will need to apply for a new consent at least six months before that date. 

What happens if I don't exercise my consent?

If the activity stated in your consent has not started within five years of the commencement date (or the date specified), the consent lapses, unless otherwise stated in the consent.  

If you would like an extension to this period, contact us before the consent lapses to apply for an extension.

When a consent lapses it essentially comes to an end or stops without having been used or exercised.