Incidents, accidents and enforcement

We patrol the Canterbury region during peak summer periods to help ensure all water users are safe. If you see any bad behaviour on our waterways please contact us.

Please supply as much information as possible when you call or email us. For instance, the:

  • Date and time of the incident
  • Detailed location (eg Timaru, Caroline Bay, south end of beach)
  • Offending vessel details — length, colour, type of boat, any identifying marks
  • Details of the trailer or vehicle connected with the vehicle (if possible)
  • Details of what you witnessed and the concerns you have.

In some cases, we will be able to identify the person or vessel responsible. This will allow us to ensure those responsible understand the bylaws. If we are unable to identify those responsible, we'll keep a record of the incident, and may be able to identify them in future. In both cases, we are able to better understand where our enforcement patrols need to be undertaken and at what times of the year.

If you become involved in an accident, or a near miss, please also report this to us. The Bylaw requires you to do this, and it is likely your insurance company will contact us to ensure the accident is reported and check if we are taking enforcement action.

Visit our Hazards, boating notices and events page for more information on current notices for the Canterbury region.

Report a boating incident, accident or hazard

This form is to record a recreational boating incident, accident or hazard. It contains the relevant information the Navigation Safety Officer (NSO) needs to follow up on a complaint.

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