Boating regulations

The Navigation Safety Bylaw in Canterbury complements national rules, providing enhanced water safety regulations. It covers specifics, including Personal Floatation Devices, and allows temporary exemptions through Harbourmaster approval.

Navigation Safety Bylaw

The Navigation Safety Bylaw contains rules that apply in the Canterbury region alongside those of the nationally applicable rules in Maritime Rules part 91 and Maritime Rules part 22.

In some instances, where allowed by law, the Bylaw rules may go further than those in the Maritime Rules. An example of this is the Personal Floatation device rules.

Regional boating information

For generic rules regarding speed and general rules of the water, see the Navigation Safety Bylaw and Maritime Rules part 91 and Maritime Rules part 22.

The Bylaw also contains more information on boating safety requirements on most lakes and waterways, including many rivers, in the Canterbury region.

Apply for a temporary exemption

You can request a temporary reservation or exemption from the Harbourmaster by submitting a form, as specified by them, and including the necessary fee.

Reservation or exemption form