Our Long-Term Plan sets out our service priorities, work programmes and resource requirements such as expenditure and funding for a 10-year period. We produce a new Long-Term Plan every three years, which incorporates our Annual Plan for the first of the three years.  A separate annual plan is produced for years two and three. Please click here for more information about our Annual Plans.  The consultation period to make a submission on the Long-Term Plan 2018-28 has now closed.

Long-Term Plan 2018-28

Long-term plan consultation closed

Long-Term Plan 2018-2028 consultation period now closed

The community has been invited to make submissions on the Long-Term Plan 2018-28 between 26 February and 26 March, 2018.  The consultation period to make a submission has now closed.  The Long-Term Plan will be finalised in June 2018. 

View the draft Long-Term Plan 2018-2028 

You can read the full draft Long-Term Plan document 2018-28 and the short Consultation Document that has been prepared to outline the work planned for the period in our six work portfolios and how we will pay for that work.  A vision impaired version of the Consultation Document can be downloaded here

Your rates

Use our desktop rates tool (external link)  to see how the different portfolios and programmes of work are funded. Learn more about how your rates are calculated.

Long-Term Plan time for Canterbury

Across the region all the councils are preparing plans for 2018-28 – and these plans need community input to help make sure they will deliver what the people of Canterbury actually want. You will see information in your letterbox and local media about two different plans.

One from the council for the district/city you live in eg Mackenzie, Selwyn or Christchurch. This is your ‘territorial authority’ and it is the council that provides services for your area eg libraries, footpaths, rubbish collections and water.

The other plan you will see is from Environment Canterbury (the regional council), that acts across Canterbury to look after regionwide issues such as air quality, freshwater quality, natural hazards and the buses.

All property owners in Canterbury pay rates to both the local territorial authority and Environment Canterbury, through the territorial authority rates bill.

Both the plans for where you live have consultation documents available in March and April and feedback is invited from all members of the community on both plans. To find out more visit the website of your council and Environment Canterbury.