Our Long-Term Plan sets out our service priorities, work programmes and resource requirements such as expenditure and funding for a 10-year period. We produce a new Long-Term Plan every three years, which incorporates our Annual Plan for the first of the three years.  A separate annual plan is produced for years two and three. Please click here for more information about our Annual Plans.  

The Long-Term Plan online survey has now closed.

Long-term plan engagement phase

Long-Term Plan 2015-25

Our most recent Long-Term Plan outlines service priorities and financial and revenue policies for the period 2015-25.

The council considered 375 public submissions on the proposed Long-Term Plan, which resulted in a number of changes before it was approved and adopted on 25 June 2015.

Each year’s annual plan process includes engagement with the community, particularly if any changes to the Long-Term Plan are needed.  

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Abernethy J
Acton - Adams T
Acton - Adams T
Allan V
Allan V
Allison P
Amtmann R
Anderson A
Anderson D
Anson D
Armishaw D
Arnesen A
Arthur J
Ashton A
Atkinson J
Avebury Community House
Avon Heathcote Estuary Ihutai Trust
Bagshaw S
Bailey M
Baker B D and H M
Bakkenes K
Bakkenes K
Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust
Banks Peninsula Goat Working Group
Battersby M
Baxter D
Beardsley N
Beatson J
Begg J
Bell A
Bell A J
Bell D
Bellis B
Benbow C
Bensemann on behalh of Tasman TBfree Committee
Berg T
Birtles J
Bishop V
Blackstock S D
Boardman R
Brathwaite M
Breahut L
Brennan M
Bridgman M
Brooker P & B
Brown H P
Buglass A
Bunn D
Butcher S
Canterbury District Health Board
Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce
Carson-Iles J
Carswell S
Chandler J
Chin A
Christchurch Estuary Association Incorporated
Christchurch Youth Council
Christensen J
Christie L
Christoffersen V
Churchman A
Clark N
Clarke B
Clarke R
Clinick A
Coakley K J & R M
Cochrane K
Collins R J
Conaghan B
Cook A
Cook J
Cook R
Cookson A
Cooper C E
Coveney C
Cowan D
Cranston L
Crook J
Crosbie R
Crow C
Cumming I
Curd R
Currie V V A W
Dairy NZ
Daly J & J
Daly J & J
Daly P
Davidson L
Davies M
Davis B
de Latour P on behalf of Banks Peninsula Pest Management Liaison Committee
Demeter J
Dock D D
Dockery A
Dohmen F
Dolan L
Donaldson J
Donaldson K
Douglas J
Dower R
Driscoll L A
Dunn A
Edmonds P M
Edwards K & Dalziel L on behalf of Christchurch City Council
Eggleston C
Eliott J
Ellis K
Elms W
Everett B
Faulkner S
Fearnley R
Federated Farmers Of New Zealand Combined Canterbury Provinces
Federated Mountain Clubs of New Zealand
Fitzpatrick A
Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited
Forest and Bird
Forrester L
Foskett A
Foster D G
Frank H
Fraser J
Fraser R
Gamblin K
Gilbert M
Gilbert M on behalf of Canterbury TBfree Committee
Giles M
Gillespie K
Golovko V
Graham D
Grave K
Graydon E
Griffin B (attachment)
Griffiths A & Taylor R
Griffiths B C
Grove V C & M P
Hadfield D
Hadler S
Harvey I and C
Hassall T H
Hatton J
Hawkins K
Hay W
Helm B
Henderson H
Henderson M
Hewett G
Hill F
Hill P
Hills H
Hodge I
Hofmans R
Hohepa H & H
Horwell V
Houliston H
Howden D
Hsueh H
Hunt L
Hunt P
Hunter A D
Hurley J
Hydes I
Iles H
Inwood R
Jamieson C
Johns E
Jones B
Joynes Matt
Keall M
Kelleher T
Kenny R
Kent R
Kerr L
King B
King C
King G
Kraiger N
Kroening J
Labounek R
Lake Tekapo Recreational Park Inc
Lake Tekapo Regional Park Society
Lamsdale P
Larson D
Lavelle J
Laxton N
Ledgard N
Ledgard N
Lee Jon
Leitch L
Leitch L
Lilburn B P
Little River Wairewa Flood Working Party
Loader R
Logan G
Logan J
Logan R
Long E
Lower Waitaki River Liaison Committee
Lucy R & L
Ludwig G
Lynch K
Lynn K J
Lyttelton Port Company Limited
Manson R
Margetts B
Mason C
Matheson J
McAllister R
McAra K
McCammon M
McClintock W
McCubbin R A
McDougall S
McKay A
McNeill S
McRabie K
Meredith M on behalf of Peninsula Tramping Club
Meridian Energy Ltd
Miller M
Miller M
Milne D J
Milne J
Minchington D
Mole A
Montgomery J
Moody T
Moore E
Moorfield K
Mukorombindo T
Mundy R
Munro R & S
National Beekeepers Association Inc
Neave R
Nelson W
Neville E E
Newsom B
Nicholls M G
Nicholson P & B
Niven J
Norman K
Norton E
NZ Transport Agency
Odlin C
Olliver J A
OSPRI New Zealand
Owen R
Palmer A
Palmer K
Parrent K
Parsons A
Patterson J
Payne H
Payne S
Pearson P
Philip C J
Phillips W
Phillips W
Phillips W
Pickering M H
Porter J
Potgieter Z
Powell H
Presbyterian Support
PrimePort Timaru
Purser D
Quinn T & N
Rakaia Community Association
Rapson K
Rawlings L
Reesby J
Reeves P
Reihana A
Rhodes B
Rhodes P
Richardson P
Ridder S
Robb J
Roberts C
Robinson G
Rosanowkis J
Royal Forest & Bird Protection Society of NZ Inc
Sage E
Sanderson N W
Scholes P
Schori A
Schwartfeger L
Scott D - Federated Farmers Mackenzie Branch
Scott F S
Selwyn District Council
Selwyn Youth Council
Shand L
Shaskey J
Shaw J B
Shaw K L
Sheppard J S
Sidebotham P & T
Sinclair N
Skidmore D
Skilling Mrs
Skipper J
Smallridge J F
Smith B
Smith B
Smith D
Smith E
Smith J
Smith L W
Smith S
Snoyink N
Southerwood M
Spence G
Spinks T
Stevens W J
Stubenvoll S
Styler P
Suckling W
Summers J
Surgenor L
Sutherland D
Sweet S
Talbot A
Tane T T
Tanner E
Tarrant M
Taylor G A
Taylor J
TBfree Otago Committee
TBfree South Canterbury Working Group
TBfree Southland Committee
TBfree West Coast Committee
Te Korowai o Te Tai o Marokura
Teasdale C
The Enviroschools Foundation
The Kurow Pest Liaison Committee
The McGuiness Institute
Thomas C
Thompson F
Thompson G
Thorpe K
Timaru District Council
Tindall H
Tingey M
Tolerton N
Toman D
Tritt A W & P A
Turner B
Tyrrell M
Tyrrell P
Urquhart R
Vance N
Vaughan R J
Vink W H
Wadsworth E
Waimakariri District Council
Waimakariri Ecological & Landscape Restoration Alliance Inc
Wainono Area Drainage Scheme Committees
Weatherley N
Webster J
Weir R G
Wells M
Westoby L & Arthur S
Wheeler R
Whiteside G
Whittle B
Wilkinson D
Wilkinson S
Williamson B
Wilson O
Win L
Woodward D
Wright A G
Wright P
Youngman G
Yurjerich M
Zervos J E