Our Long-Term Plan sets out our service priorities, work programmes and resource requirements such as expenditure and funding for a 10-year period. We produce a new Long-Term Plan every three years, which incorporates our Annual Plan for the first of the three years.  A separate annual plan is produced for years two and three. Please click here for more information about our Annual Plans.  

Long-Term Plan 2018-28

On 21 June 2018, Environment Canterbury Council adopted the Long-Term Plan 2018-28, confirming the activity and budget for the coming years. The total rates revenue* for 2018/19 will rise by 4.9% from the total rates revenue in 2017/18.  Read the final Long-Term Plan 2018-28 here.

Review documents

You can find the long-term plan review Submission Summary Report, Council agenda documents and other relevant information on our Consultation website(external link).

View the Submissions on the Long-Term Plan 2018-28 

Submissions A - K
350.org Christchurch (Drace C)
Abaffy N
Abbott C
Adams J
Adamson D
Age Concern Canterbury, Templeton S
Alexander M
Allan-Caney N
Allen S
Allison G & M
Alpers O
Altchuler B
Amuri Irrigation Company (Barton A)
Anderson D
Anderson H
Angelo S
Anglican Advocacy
Ardell D
Arps T
Ash B
Ashworth L
Askey E
Atkinson S
Baar R
Babe D
Bagozzi D
Bailey L M
Baird M
Baker H
Baker J
Baker O
Bayley G
Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust (Burnett M)
Barber G
Barclay H
Barclay S
Baritompa B
Baritompa E
Barr L
Barr R
Barrett A
Bate M
Bateman C
Bates C
Bates J
Bayer T
Beardsley L
Beardsley N
Beckenham Neighbourhood Association Incorporation (Tuffley P)
Begg J
Belfast Community Network (Goodrick L)
Benaia M
Bennett M
Betito C
Betts M
Beuzenberg S
Billings J
Billington K
Binns P
Bishopdale Centre Association (Jolliffe A)
Bissell E
Blake M
Blind Foundation (Duke C)
Board of Trustees (Harris C)
Bonner M
Boock P
Boon M
Boon R
Boyle G
Boyle S
Bradley C
Bradley F
BRaid Whitelaw S
Brenssell N
Brettschneider R
Briggs J
Britten S
Broadhurst K
Brodie N
Bromley Community Centre (Kakoi Silafai H)
Brouwers A
Brouwers P
Brown C
Brown H
Brown P
Brown R
Browne M
Bryant T
Buchanan G
Buckmaster A
Buckmaster G
Burke F
Bus Go Canterbury, Stoneman N
Butterfield S
Buxton A
Calvert S
Cameron K
Campbell A
Campbell A
Campbell A
Campbell K
Campbell V
Canovan D
Canterbury District Health Board (Brinsdon S)
Cao A
Cao A
Capaldi J
Carasuk R
Carnaby P
Carrabes M
Carrara N
Carter A
Carter C
Carter G
Carter J
Cashmere Residents' Association (Tindall R)
Cashmere Stream Care Group (Rouse K)
Catholic Parish of Ferrymead (Doyle D)
Cavanagh M
CCS Disability Action (Clark B)
Central South Island Fish and Game Council (Christensen A)
Chandler D
Chang N
Chapman M
Chatterton C
Cheal J
Chernoglazova L
Ching D
Ching J
Ching J
Chng Y
Chris Ruth Trust Centre (Paston M)
Christchurch City Council (Elvidge L)
Christchurch City Holdings Limited (Munro P)
Christchurch Enviro Hub (Allen S)
Christchurch NZ (Bryan N)
Christchurch Youth Action Plan (Lattin K)
Christchurch Youth Council (Burgess K)
Clark J
Clark R
Clarke B
Clelland A
Clissold J
Clough T
Cobby D
Cocking A
Cocking D
Cocking M
Cocking R
Coey C
Combined Canterbury Provinces, Federated Farmers of New Zealand (Hume L)
Commons D & J
Cook B
Cooke M
Cooper C
Cooper I
Cope M
Corson L
Coveney C
Coxon F
Crawford M
Crombie G
Crook J
Currie G
Curtis Y
Daigneault P
Dalton A
Dalton C
Davidson M
Davidson O
Dawson B
Dawson G
Dawson J
Day L
de Cort L
de Jong R
De Lu D
De Lu K
de Roo E
Dean P
Department of Conservation (Sanson L)
Diamond Harbour Community Association
Didham T
Diggs D
Diggs N
Ding V
Dobson S
Dodds R
Dolan A
Donaldson J
Donaldson K
Donaldson K
Donaldson R
Donaldson T
Dooley L
Douglas-Clifford A
Downard J
Drain S
Drage J & M
Draper N
Drysdall J
Dunlop Doyle S
Durdin B
Dyson R
Eager J
Earthquake Disability Leadership Group (Hartnell A)
Edmunds G
Edwards R
Eggleston C
Ekanayake K
Elliot N
Elson A
Elson V
Elvidge E
EnergySmart - Bruce R
Espiner S
Esser S
Evans D
Everingham W
Falconer M
Falconer M
Farrell G
Ferlazzo G
Ferlazzo M
Fernandez H
Ferris J
Ferriss N
Field A
Findlay G
Fisken C and M
Fisken W
Fitchett C
Flanagan A
Flanagan M
Flaus J
Fletcher C
Foot M
Ford J
Ford M
Francis and Quinn N and H
Fraser D
Fraser L
Fraser L
Frater J
French R-J
Friends of Banks Peninsula (Thompson S)
Galbraith P
Gallagher D
Generation Zero Christchurch (Bradley F)
George A
George D
George D
George T
Gibbs M
Gilchrist S
Gillman C A
Gilmore A
Gilmore S
Glennie R
Glover C
Glover M
Glue C
Go Bus Transport (Turnbull R)
Goat Working Group (Richardson P)
Gonsalves B
Goodman P
Goodmanson L
Gott M
Gough K
Graham E
Grant K
Gray A
Gray H
Gray J
Gray S
Green A
Green J
Green V
Greene B
Greenep J
Greening the Red Zone (Yurjevich M)
Griffin E
Groenteman R
Grogan D
Grose O
Grose V
Gruschow C
Gwilliams S
Gwynne A
Hales L
Hall S
Hall S
Hallam J
Halswell Residents Association (Hawke D)
Halswell River Rating Fund (Macartney J)
Hamblett M and A
Hampton S
Hansen V
Hansen W
Harford S
Hargrave V
Harker D
Harris C
Harsent C
Hart B
Hart P
Hart V
Hatch B
Hawtin-Morrow M
Hayman D
Haythornthwaite P
Healey H
Healey J
Henderson B
Henderson J
Henderson K
Henwood J & J
Heyes A
Hickey N
Higgins C
Higgins P
Hill C
Hill D
Hill F
Hoard K
Hocken D
Hodgins K
Hodgman K
Hogarth C
Hogbin L
Holland D
Holmes P
Hoord K V
Horgan S
Horn C
Horrell K
Hotton L
Howell Fernandez H
Howell N
Howell V
Howes A
Howes S
Howison R
Howse D
Hu J
Hurford K
Hurunui Youth Council (Kepes O)
Hutchison C
Hynes A
Iranyi A
Irrigation NZ (Curtis A)
Jackson C
Jackson J
Jackson L
Jameson A
Jameson C
Jameson R
Jamieson E
Jenkin R
Jenkinson K
Jin D
Johnson S
Johnson S
Johnson T
Jones R H
Kagluno M
Kaikoura Youth Council (Jellyman P)
Keep Our Assets Canterbury
Keith D
Kelly S
Kenna M
Kennedy J
Kennedy K
Kennedy M
Kentjens W
Kingi-Patterson D
Kingsbury S
Kingston B
Kingston J
Kinnings S
Kivi E
Knight & Heaps D & R
Submissions L - Z
Opawaho-Heathcote River Network (Hasselman A)
Labour Party (Williams P)
Laidlaw A
Laing P
Laird P
Lamb L
Lancaster J
Lawrence M
Lawry D M
Leatherby A
Ledgard N
Leo B
Lees R
Linscott K
Linton S
Lintott C
Livermore B
Livingstone J
Loh M
Lomax I
Looser C
Lovell-Smith M
Lowe D
Lum-Webb C
Lyons C P
Lyons P
Lyttelton Community Association Inc (Maynard K)
Lyttelton Community House (Sylvester H)
Lyttelton Port Company
Macartney J
Macdonald A & C
MacDonald J
MacGregor G
MacKay S
Mackenzie Guardians Inc (Snoyink R)
Mackintosh J
Maclaren S
Maclure D
Macpherson M
Manning A
Mansfield O
Marinkovic M
Marsden J
Marsh R
Marshall C
Matthews A
Mautner M
McCrone G
McCulloch E
McDonald S
McDonald S
McDrury E A
McEvedy C
McEvoy H
McEwan R
McHarg C
McInnes S
McInroe S
McKay A
McKay L
McKenzie J
McKenzie K M
McLachlan A
McLachlan F
McLachlan J
McLaren R
McLeod C
Mcleod N
McMahon P
McMaster R
McMillan A
McMillan C
McNeill A
McNeill S
McPherson A
Meffan G
Meharry J
Meissenheimer R
Menzies S
Mercer J
Mesman I
Meurk C
Meyer N
Miles R
Minchington D
Mitchell A
Molles L
Moller P
Moore A
Morgan F & A
Morison K
Morkel C
Morrison D
Morrison L
Morrow C
Morrow S
Morrow T
Morton N
Moss C
Moylan R
Mugford-Black K
Mundy R
Munro J
Murray A
Murugesh D
Neave R
Neil A (Reverend Canon)
Neill J
Network Waitangi Otautahi (Peet K)
New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers Inc (Gibson R)
Nicholas-Rakatau A
Nielsen K
Noble A
Noering & Wiesen M & H
Noon A
North Canterbury Branch Forest and Bird (Wall F)
North Canterbury Fish and Game (Pearson S)
Northwood Residents Association (Smith C)
Northwood Retirement Village Society Inc (Looser F)
Northwood Villas Retirement Village (McCreanor J)
Nuttridge J
NZ Farm Environment Trust (Ryan J)
O'Dea K
O'Dea M
Odlin C
Ono R
Ord G
O'Rourke R
Otamahua / Quail Island Ecological Restoration Trust (McLennan I)
Ou A
Ousey K
Owens J
Paasi H
Pack R
Packman B
Paihere Geopark (Hampton S)
Palmer D
Palmer J
Parata T
Parkinson D
Paterson P
Patterson J
Payne S
Pearson P
Permanent Forests NZ (Belton M)
Pest Free Banks Peninsula Working Group (Miller D)
Peters C
Philip C
Pierce S
Piercey S
Pink P
Pollard E
Porter J
Powell R
Priest J
Prince D
Profit J
Provan J
Pugsley K
Quirke M
Race V
Radcliffe-Price K
Rae K
Ramm L
Ramsay K
Rance P
Rangitata Diversion Race Management Limited (Curry B)
Rasmussen R
Rasmussen R B
Raudsepp S
Ravensdown Limited
Ravenwood K
Red Bus (McNoe P)
Reece T
Regan M
Reich-Topp A
Reid B
Richards L
Richards L
Richards R
Richardson P
Riley C
Riminton J
Robertson F
Robertson K
Robertson K
Robertson P
Robinson G
Rod Donald Banks Peninsula Trust (Thompson S)
Rodda D
Rodda V
Roddick H
Rollinson D
Rolton A
Rolton O J
Rose M
Ross A
Ross F
Rossie L
Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind (Weir E)
Rural Advocacy Network (McFadden J)
Rushworth J
Russell Y
Sale D
Sanders T
Sanderson G
Sarson N
Sato N
Sato N
Scarborough Hill Properties Ltd
Schaab K
Schaap S
Scott B
Scott C
Searle S
Seddon-Smith R
Seed L
Selwyn District Council (Mayor Broughton S)
Selwyn Greens
Seyb L
Shand L
Sharp M
Shaw E
Shaw R
Sheejo N
Shelley D
Short A
Sibly B
Sim & Lew S K & R
Simmons G
Simpson C
Sloper W
Small A
Smith K
Smith Kieran
Smith R
Snelling C
Snook A
Snoyink J & R
Snoyink N
Soper B
Southworth V
Spence G
Spicer N
Spiers C
Spokes Canterbury (De Lu D)
St Martin Board of Trustees (Hodgins K)
Stainger J
Statham R
Steele J
Stephen-Brownie C
Stevens K
Stevens M
Stevenson L
Stewart B
Stewart S
Stewart T
Stoiber S
Stockwell S
Stringer P
Stuart R
Sudlow P
Summit Road Society
Sustainable South Canterbury Trust (Gallagher B)
Sutcliffe C
Sutherland K
Swain C
Swale R
Syddall C
Talbot A G
Talbot S
Tarrant T
Taylor A
Taylor G
Taylor H
Taylor R
Te Hapu o Ngati Wheke (Scott A)
Te Korowai o te tai o Marokura (Lawless P)
Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu (Ross M)
Templeton Residents' Association (Ross J)
Think Papanui (Britten S)
Thomas C
Thomas M
Thompson A
Thompson F
Thompson S G
Thornley A
Thurlow E
Thurnell D
Timaru District Council (Carran B)
Timaru Yacht and Power Boat Club (Stevenson I)
Timpson M
Toimata Foundation (Price K)
Tomsett M
Tourism Industry Aotearoa (van Dijken N)
Townsend G
Townsend J
Townsend T
Trounson A
Troup C
Truscott E
Turnbull S
Urquhart G
Van Dam J
Van Dorp M
van Dorsser S
Van Hoof V
Venes E C
Vernon J
Vesty J
Vincent V
Volker N
Wagstaff Mrs
Wagstaff O & D
Waihora Ellesmere Trust (Maw R)
Waimakariri District Council (Meadows G)
Waimate District Council (Rowley C)
Waimate Rod and Gun Club
Wairewa Runanga Incorporated (Rei S)
Walker H
Walker R
Walters S
Ward I
Ward M
Waterhouse B
Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management (Webster-Brown J)
Watson M
Watson M
Watson S
Watts M
Webb D
Weber O
Webley J
Welford D
Wells E
Wells L
Welsch J
Wentworth-Rhodes L
Westwood T
White K
White S
Whiting M
Whyte K
Whyte R
Wild R
Wilke A
Will R
Williams J
Williams M
Willis L
Willowbank Wildlife Reserve
Wilson G
Wilson H
Wilson H
Wilson M
Winter S
Wishart V
Wood G
Woodfield A
Woodfield C
Working Waters Trust
Wright L
Wright P
Wright S
Yearbury P
Young H N
Young J
Young L
Young T
Yurjevich M
Zhu J
Ziarno S

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