Annual Plans

Our Annual Plan explains how we intend to finance activities and services each year from 1 July to 30 June. A draft is made available to the community every February/March.

  • An Annual Plan is produced for each year of the Long-Term Plan (a 10-year rolling plan, reviewed every three years).
  • For the first year of each Long-Term Plan (LTP), the Annual Plan is incorporated into the LTP document.
  • For subsequent years, a stand-alone Annual Plan document is prepared, which refers back to the relevant year of the LTP.

Find out more about our Long-Term Plans.

Annual Plan / Mahere ā tau 2023/24

Council adopted the Annual Plan / Mahere ā tau 2023/24 on Wednesday 21 June 2023.

The community provided feedback between 27 February and 3 April 2023, and hearings were held in April before Council deliberated in May.

You can read the Annual Plan / Mahere ā tau 2023/24 (PDF File, 5.03MB)

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