The Canterbury Water Management Strategy (CWMS) targets – and goals within these – were set in 2010 to make a positive difference to our environment and how we manage our natural resources. CWMS partners(external link), agencies and communities are responsible for delivering on these. The goals are ambitious, and require collaboration and shared resourcing.

Initial work over the last 10 years has included:

  • establishing 10 Zone Committees and a Regional Committee
  • setting priorities, policies and rules through RMA plans, zone implementation programmes and other strategic documents
  • gathering information and data to support the development of work programmes and activities.

2021 progress report

Use the links below to see how things are progressing in each of the 10 CWMS target areas towards the 2020 goals. Environment Canterbury reports on progress being made on behalf of CWMS partners. The Targets will be assessed in 2025.