Swing moorings for lease

The Harbourmaster's Office provides a free service to list moorings for lease. You may also try the listings on Trade Me or in local newspapers.

How to list your mooring for lease


Environment Canterbury, PO Box 345, Christchurch 8140

What to do once your mooring has been leased

  • Let the Harbourmaster's Office know. We will remove the listing from the website.
  • If you have leased out your mooring, provide the Harbourmaster's Office with temporary user's contact and vessel details.

Moorings that are leased must still be inspected and authorised. The new vessel must be suitable for the mooring.

If you would like to enquire about one of the Council-owned moorings please complete this form.

Current moorings for lease

Inspection date due Date of request Name Area Mooring number Max Vessel Length Contact
01/01/2024 Kurt Reed Akaroa AKA212 <12m


27/01/24 N/A Council Mooring Akaroa AKA318 <12m


31/08/23 26/01/23 Robert Andrews Purau Bay PUR159Y <10m


24/01/25 25/03/24 Michael Johnson Cass Bay CAS125W <10m

 021 326 574

14/11/23 18/05/23 Peter Wright Cass Bay CAS109W <10m


10/09/23 27/05/23 Gerhard Heins Cass Bay CAS137W <9.75m


31/08/24 27/07/23 Shane Clinch Purau Bay PUR133Y >12m


22/10/23 18/08/23 Barry Dacombe Akaroa AKA205 >12m




Bernard Rennell







J G & V J Hussey




 027 434 1187