Waitaha Action to Impact Fund

The Waitaha Action to Impact Fund is a contestable fund for community organisations in Waitaha/Canterbury. The fund aims to build community engagement and action for a better environment in the region.

The Waitaha Action to Impact Fund was open for eight weeks and closed on 18 September 2023. We have announced this year’s recipients and look forward to working with them over the coming year.

This is year three of our three-year planning and funding cycle. In response to requests from community groups, we have allowed for multi-year allocations in the last two funding rounds, meaning there was a significant proportion of this year's funding is already allocated to a variety of exciting projects across Waitaha. Applicants were only able to apply for one year of funding this year.

For year three, 2023/24, and as agreed in the Long-Term Plan 2021-31, we had $350,000 available for community groups to take action for the environment.

Thirteen groups that made multi-year applications have already been allocated $162,828 (subject to agreed milestones being met), leaving approximately $187,000 available for new applications in 2023/24. Next year, 2024/25, will see a new planning and funding cycle begin.

This fund is just one option for community groups to receive support from us. Other funds include zone committee action plan funding and regional biodiversity, zone delivery, and Me Uru Rākau work programmes also support a number of community groups to deliver on-the-ground work to support Council priorities.

Community groups an inspiration

Community groups in Waitaha and their work in the environmental space is an inspiration to us all. They show us what we can all achieve if we put our minds to it. We are proud to work with so many great community groups across Waitaha.

Check out this video to get a glimpse into the fabulous work they do.