Regional parks notices

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West Melton Forest: Reopening delays

12 August 2022

Track maintenance in West Melton Forest is taking longer than expected. Unfortunately, this means we will not be reopening the forest on August 13.

We aim to reopen part of the forest on Friday 19 August. Please be patient with us as we ensure the tracks are in good condition and safe for everyone.

When we reopen the forest, visitors to West Melton Forest will need to use the Chattertons Road entrance and follow the detour signs on the tracks.

Please check the map see which areas and entrances will be closed to the public during stage one and stage two.

We will post updates on our Facebook page.

Areas and entrances closed to the public during stage one

Areas and entrances closed to the public during stage one

New Zealand Army Training Exercise.

9 August 2022

Between 8am and 4pm from 22-26 August (Monday to Friday), the NZ Army will be using the area north of the West Melton Rifle range for a training exercise.  

The area will be closed to the public. Access on the gravel road from Thompsons road through to Weedons Ross Road will still be open.

Temporary Closures

8 August 2022
The following areas are closed until further notice due to flooding.
  • Trail bike tracks at Kaiapoi Island
  • Te Rauakaaka
  • Whites Crossing

The following areas will reopen soon:

  • Kaiapoi Island (excluding the trail bike tracks) will reopen on Friday, 12 August 
  • The dog park and NZMCA Park at The Willows will reopen on Saturday, 13 August 

We will provide updates on our Facebook page.

Access Restrictions: Baynons Brake

3 August 2022

Starting Thursday 4 August, river engineers will be using heavy machinery and chainsaws in the Baynons Brake area as part of their flood protection work. To ensure everyone's safety, the entire eastern end of Baynons Brake will be closed while the work is being done. 

The eastern end of Baynons Brake will remain closed during weekdays from 7.30am until 4.30pm for approximately two weeks. We will reopen the area during the weekends.

The western loop of Baynons Brake (approximately 6km), will remain open and accessible for the duration of the works.

Please follow the instructions on all signs and all verbal instructions from Environment Canterbury staff.

Please note that some sections of the eastern end of the track are still under water after the recent severe weather.

Check our Facebook page for updates.

Please refer to the map to see which tracks are closed (those marked in black) and which will remain open (those marked in green).

Access Restrictions for Te Ruakaakaa

14 June 2022

Due to the 2021 floods, restrictions to access are in place while we continue to repair the Te Ruakaakaa underpass.