Let's keep it tidy

Let's keep it tidy. $750 dumping fine.

We have three beautiful regional parks in Canterbury with unique vegetation, wildlife and a range of activities for everyone to enjoy.

It's important these spaces are protected and kept tidy.

Rubbish isn't just a blight on the landscape, but seriously impacts the health and ecosystem of these environments.

Please don't leave rubbish in your regional parks. Keep these places tidy for everyone to enjoy.

Fines for dumping rubbish

  • Under the Resource Management Act 1991, Canterbury's regional park rangers are warranted to issue instant $750 fines to anyone found dumping rubbish in the parks.
  • Dumped rubbish can include, but is not limited to; cars, tyres, household appliances, garden waste and commercial waste.
  • Alleged offenders will have 28 days to pay the infringement notice. Once it's paid, the notice will be published on the Environment Canterbury website for 12 months.

Reporting dumped rubbish

If you encounter dumped rubbish in your regional parks, use the Snap Send Solve app to report it from your mobile phone.

Snap Send Solve is a smartphone app to help make reporting environmental incidents easy. It uses your phone's location to provide an accurate address and can capture photos to help us to identify and investigate the issue.

You can also contact Environment Canterbury on 0800 324 636.

Where to dispose of rubbish

How to be responsible with rubbish when visiting your parks

If you're planning on visiting your regional parks, make sure you're responsible with your rubbish and take it home with you. This includes cigarette butts and bags used to pick up dog poo.

Ideas for keeping your park tidy:

    • bring reusable containers, straws, cutlery and plates when having a picnic
    • make sure rubbish you're going to dispose of is secure and can't be picked up and scattered by the wind
    • keep a rubbish bag in your vehicle
    • educate others.