Regional parks events

The Regional Parks offer endless possibilities when it comes to putting on events. There are over 250km of walking and mountain bike tracks along with large green spaces suitable for picnics and static activities. 

While you will need to plan and organise the event yourself, our park rangers and staff can provide the information and advice you'll need to make it successful.  All our spaces can be booked online using our online booking form.

For closures, hazards or other notices to our parks, please see our parks notice page.

Upcoming events

13 August | ECan & Sustainable Coastlines planting #3 | Poynter Nature Reserve, WRRP

13 August 2022

Join Environment Canterbury and the Sustainable Coastlines crew for the third of three plantings at Poynter Nature Reserve. The reserve is located where the Kaiapoi River meets the Waimakariri. The entrance to the park is next to Challenge service station, corner of Wrights and Main North Road, Kaiapoi.

For further information: see event #3 on Sustainable Coastlines website.

14 August 2022 | Official track opening and sausage sizzle | Rakahuri Mountain Bike Trail

Join us for the official opening of the Rakahuri mountain bike track extension. We have added 4km to the track and created a loop that is now 8.8km in length. The official opening is at 10.30am, followed by a ride around the track and a free sausage sizzle. The sausage sizzle and opening ceremony will be at the Rail Bridge Picnic area, river end of East Belt, Rangiora. All welcome!

13 August 2022 | Mountain bike orienteering | McLeans Island, Waimakariri River Regional Park

Join Peninsula & Plains Orienteering for this night mountain bike orienteering event at McLeans Island from 6.30pm to 9pm. For more details, visit

21 August 2022 | Topsport Kayaking Pro-am Winter Race 3 | The Willows

Top Sport Kayak School have created a series of event to help encourage local paddlers to get on the river more frequently and to show them safe sections of the Waimakariri while they increase their skills. This third event departs from The Willows off Thompsons Road, West Melton.

Visit the Top Sport Kayak School website to find out more.

Sat 27 August | ECan and Forest & Bird Planting | The Sanctuary, WRRP

Join Environment Canterbury and Forest & Bird for a morning of planting in the Sanctuary. This is the first of two plantings in the park. The Sanctuary is next to the Bailes Island Picnic Area off Coutts Island Road in Belfast.

For further information: see Sanctuary Winter Planting 1 on Forest & Bird website.

27 August 2022 | Canterbury Adventure Race | Waimakariri River Regional Park

The Canterbury Adventure Race on Saturday, 27 August 2022 is an exciting event run as a fundraiser for Middleton Grange School. The event offers three categories: 3 hour, 6 hour, and 9 hour.

Find out more about this event.

27 August 2022 | Athletics Canterbury Cross Country – Selwyn Relays | The Willows

Part of the Athletics Canterbury Cross Country Race Series-Adults and Children three-person relay races.

More information will be available on the Athletics Canterbury website.

14 September 2022 | Night Navigation Event | Mcleans Island

Night rogaine event run by the University of Canterbury Orienteering Club.

Find out more about this event.

17 September | Race Tekapo | Lake Tekapo Regional Park

Come and enjoy the spectacular surrounds of Lake Tekapo! Event options are a half marathon, 10km, 5km and 3km courses – something for everyone. For more details or to enter:

Sat 24 September | ECan and Forest & Bird Planting | The Sanctuary, WRRP

Join Environment Canterbury and Forest & Bird for a morning of planting in the Sanctuary. This is the second planting event in this area. The Sanctuary is next to the Bailes Island Picnic area off Coutts Island Road in Belfast.

For further information: see Sanctuary Winter Planting 2 on Forest & Bird website.

15 October 2022 | Hunter Civil 10Hr Day/Nighter and 6 HR Blast | McLeans Island

Mountain bike event running for 10 and 6 hours. Partial track closures will apply.

Find out more on the event's official website.

19 & 20 October 2022 | Huxster School Team Relay | McLeans Island

Split over two days, 8-12 year olds ride as teams and individuals ride for their primary schools.

Read more info on the Huxster website.

3 December 2022 | Tekapo 10 | Lake Tekapo Regional Park

The Tekapo 10 is a team mountain bike relay race set in the stunning Mackenzie District. 

Find out more about this event.

Organising an event in a regional park

It is your responsibility to plan and organise the event, but our team is happy to provide information and advice.

You will need to secure the area, supply your own venue (such as a marquee or stage), and comply with Environment Canterbury conditions, and any Territorial Local Authority regulations, to create a safe environment for participants.

Major and minor events

Major events can be anything from commercial events, and motorsport to large mountain bike, kayak or dog races. These events are categorised as major as they impact other recreational users within the park due to road/park closures.

Minor events have fewer participants, such as group picnics or not-for-profit fundraisers.

Please review this checklist of things to consider before getting in touch with the Park Rangers.

Booking the area is your first step. Contact us and ask for the Regional Park Ranger in the events team.

We can hold a date for 14 days. After this, if no application form has been received, the date will be cleared.

  • Please note major events require between 6–12 months' notice.
  • There is a $74.74 booking fee for all events. For all commercial/corporate events, additional fees apply.

Booking an event online

You can use our online booking form to book your event.

Contact us

We want you to have a successful event and we are happy to provide advice.  Please don’t hesitate to contact the Ranger on 03 353 9007 or by email at

Event checklist

A checklist of things to consider~~

Traffic management plan – If any part of your activity uses public roads, you will be required to submit a traffic management plan. You’ll need to check requirements with the relevant city or district council and the Environment Canterbury Parks team.

Noise – Excessive noise is generally unacceptable at any time and councils have bylaws around this. If you are considering amplified sound, please touch base with the relevant city or district council.

Liquor licence – If you intend to sell or permit alcohol at your event, special liquor licenses may be required. They can be obtained from the relevant city or district council, who can provide you with guidelines for host responsibility.

Public liability insurance – You will be required to obtain public liability insurance for your event, at a minimum of $2,000,000.00. Often a sponsor will provide this coverage as an extension of their existing insurance policy.

Neighbours – Do they know what’s going on? Have you invited them? Please don’t hesitate to ask the Parks team if you are unsure whether this is an issue.

Food – Who is providing this service? Do they have current licences?

Security – Do you need a police presence? Are you providing private security staff? If so, security staff must be registered.

Parking – There is limited parking available in some areas of the parks. If your event has a large number of participants attending, please talk to our team about areas that can be opened up for overflow parking. Also consider what bus routes travel to your event location.

Signage – Event signage may be permitted.

Building consents – You may need a building consent for marquees over 100sqm, staging, fencing and temporary structures such as sound towers. This can be obtained from the relevant city or district council.

Power access – McLeans Forest Oval is the only space that has existing power access.

Toilet facilities – How many will you need, and will you require disabled access? Current Regional Park toilet facilities include Waimakariri Regional Park (McLeans Forest, West Melton Forest, Kaiapoi Island, Ta Rauakaaka, The Willows, and McIntoshes) and Lake Tekapo Regional Park.

Rubbish and recycling – Who is cleaning up afterwards?

Health and safety – Every event organiser must be aware of their responsibilities under the Health and Safety At Work Act 2015.

You can print off this handy checklist