Better burning reduces smoke

To burn smoke free we must have good firewood. Our Trusted Good Wood Merchants scheme helps to ensure customers can buy good wood that will help them burn a warmer, cheaper fire.

Our accredited Trusted Good Wood Merchants provide dry, seasoned wood in Christchurch, Ashburton, Geraldine, Timaru and Waimate and are audited annually. Testing the moisture content of their wood supply is part of this audit process. Check out Warmer Cheaper for more tips.

Hot tips for making an efficient fire

  • Use plantation pine for getting a fire up to temperature quickly.
  • Use dry, seasoned (dried out) wood. Unseasoned wood needs time to dry out before you can use it: 12 months minimum for pine, longer for hardwoods or those with more sap.
  • Do not burn firewood with a moisture content of 25 per cent and over; you can use a moisture meter to help check this.
  • Store your wood under cover, with good air flow.
  • Use three sizes of wood - kindling, small logs and big logs.