Healthier Homes Canterbury

  Update: 14 June 2023 - Interest payments to be refunded

Our Healthier Homes Canterbury scheme has been paused to new applications since March 2021, after the identification of potential non-compliance with some sections of the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003.

Following an independent review, and discussion with the Commerce Commission, we have decided that the most appropriate action is to refund all interest paid by borrowers in the scheme. We are now closing the Healthier Homes Canterbury scheme to new applications. 

If you are, or have been, part of the Healthier Homes Canterbury Scheme you are entitled to a refund of all interest payments made from when you joined the scheme until 30 June 2023. Any borrowers who repaid early, and are no longer in the scheme, will receive an additional reimbursement of the $100 early repayment fee.

Going forward, borrowers will continue to make loan repayments for the principal portion of the loan only. Payments are made through targeted local council rates, and will no longer have any interest charges.

If you are a current or former borrower in the scheme and want to find out more, please call 0800 326 636 between 8am–5pm or email

About the Healthier Homes Canterbury scheme

The Healthier Homes Canterbury scheme was set up in August 2018 to help eligible Canterbury ratepayers add the cost of home heating, insulation and/or ventilation products and installation to their rates bills to help families stay warm in winter.

The Healthier Homes Canterbury scheme is now closed, and we are no longer accepting applications for new loans or processing paused applications.

Other support for home heating

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