Home Performance Assessments

Home Performance Assessments

Could your home be warmer, drier, healthier and cheaper to run?

A Home Performance Assessment is a great way to check out how energy efficient your home is. A room-by-room assessment will identify where heat is being lost, sources of dampness, the status of heating and insulation, how your power bill might be reduced, and how the sun’s energy might be better used.

It's a good idea to undertake one before deciding to make any changes to your home. Often a significant investment can be avoided with a few tweaks in the right place.

As part of your Assessment, you will receive a list of recommendations to improve the performance of your home.

How do I book a Home Performance Assessment?

We recommend obtaining a Home Performance Assessment for accessing our range of financial assistance for home heating improvements.

In Christchurch, Assessments are offered free of charge for people paying rates in the Christchurch City Council area, while subsidies last. Many thanks to Christchurch City Council for providing these subsidies.

In the rest of Canterbury, financial assistance may be available for eligible residents. Community Energy Action provides many subsidies, grants and discounts. Check if you are eligible.

In South Canterbury, please contact EnergySmart.

What will my Home Assessment cover?

You’ll receive impartial advice on improvements to your home heating, insulation and ventilation. Advisors can also help you to find out about the subsidy and funding options to help with paying for changes if you are eligible.

Your Home Assessment will cover:

  • insulation
  • heating
  • ventilation and moisture management
  • dampness control
  • lighting
  • windows and curtains
  • draft stopping
  • water heating and water conservation
  • smoke alarms.

Is there any obligation to introduce the recommendations?

Your Home Performance Assessment is an advice service only. You have no obligation to undertake any of the recommendations provided by your assessor.