Bore Installer Programme


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Taking water ample from a bore.

About the programme

Under the Land and Water Regional Plan (LWRP), drilling a bore in Canterbury does not require resource consent, provided the bore meets the requirements to be a permitted activity. This includes the drilling company being a member of the Bore Installers Programme (BIP).

Joining the programme

To join the BIP, fill in the application form (PDF file, 191.58KB) and submit it to

  • Before applying, please read our terms and conditions (PDF file, 179KB).
  • You only need one application per drilling or contracting company – employees are not required to apply individually.
  • We will review your application and may contact you if more information is required.
  • There is no application or membership fee.

Pre-drilling assessments

Pre-drilling assessments are needed to meet the requirements of the BIP. Read the full instructions for pre-drilling assessments (PDF file, 419.14KB).

Borelog entry

To meet the requirements of the BIP, you need to submit borelogs for each well.

Bore logs and other bore/ gallery information are fundamental to the effective management of water resources in Canterbury.

Other useful links for borelog entry: