Our policies

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Submissions Policy


This policy outlines how Environment Canterbury handles submissions on Annual and Long-Term Plans under the Local Government Act 2002.

Read the Submissions Policy (PDF File, 194KB).

Hearings Policy


Section 34A of the RMA 1991 allows Council to delegate functions to Hearing Commissioners appointed by the Canterbury Regional Council.

Read the Hearings Policy (PDF File, 62.55KB).

Members' Code of Conduct


This code of conduct provides guidance on the standards of behaviour that is expected from the Chair and Members of Council.

Read the Members' Code of Conduct (PDF File, 397KB).

Councillors Expenses Allowances and Reimbursements Policy

Adopted 1 July 2023

This policy outlines the eligible expenditure that may be reimbursed to members of Environment Canterbury in performing their duties as prescribed in the Local Government Act 2002.

Read the Councillors' Expenses Allowances and Reimbursements Policy (PDF file, 256.6KB)

Privacy Information

Our privacy policy for the Environment Canterbury website is: We will not collect personal information about you when you visit our website, unless you choose to provide that information to us.

Read more about our Privacy Policy.

Standing Orders


This document sets out standing orders for the conduct of proceedings at meetings of Environment Canterbury.

Read the Standing Orders (PDF File, 719.85KB).

Enforcement Policy

June 2019

The purpose of this policy document is to:

  • Outline Environment Canterbury’s approach to enforcement activities within the wider Canterbury strategic approach
  • Inform the general community as to the Council’s approach to dealing with non-compliance
  • Provide guidelines for Environment Canterbury staff on the delivery of enforcement functions
  • Ensure a consistent and integrated approach to enforcement in Canterbury

Read the Enforcement Policy (PDF File, 283.89KB)

Local Governance Statement

April 2023

Environment Canterbury’s Local Governance Statement is prepared under Section 40 of the Local
Government Act 2002.

A local authority must prepare a Local Governance Statement within six months after each triennial
general election of members of the local authority and make the Governance Statement publicly

A local authority must update its governance statement as it considers appropriate.

This Statement helps support the purpose of local government by providing information on:

  • Processes through which the council engages with its community
  • Outlines on how it makes decisions
  • How the public can influence those processes

Read the Local Governance Statement (PDF File, 9.14MB)