Our work

Our work is structured into five portfolios. Each portfolio is made up of programmes that include specific activities, Levels of Service, performance measures and targets. 

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Water and Land

Te Wai me Te Whenua

We are improving freshwater outcomes by partnering with Ngāi Tahu and the community to implement national direction. We are also empowering and engaging communities to deliver actions on the ground to meet the Canterbury Water Management Strategy targets.

Find out more about the Water and Land portfolio.

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Biodiversity and Biosecurity

Te Rerenga Rauropi me Te Whakahaumaru Rauropi

We play a significant role in ensuring a thriving and resilient Canterbury region based on a natural environment that supports cultural, physical and economic wellbeing for all. 

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Climate Change and Community Resilience

Te Whakamahanatanga o Te Ao Te Aumangea o to Hapori

We protect people, natural and built assets and the regional economy. 

Find out more about the Climate Change and Community Resilience portfolio.

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Air Quality, Transport and Urban Development

Te Pai o Te Hau Takiwā, Ngā Momo Waka, me Te Whanaketanga o Ngā Tāone

This portfolio influences how the people of Canterbury live, work and travel in Canterbury now and into the future.

Find out more about the Air Quality, Transport and Urban Development portfolio.

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Regional and Strategic Leadership

Te Hautūtanga ā-Rohe, ā-Rautaki hoki

We will foster relationships and engage with communities to build a better understanding of our work and increase participation in decision making for the region.

Find out more about the Regional and Strategic Leadership portfolio.

Quarterly Portfolio Performance Reports

We release a performance report each quarter.

These reports detail our progress, achievements and challenges as we deliver the work programmes for each of our portfolios for the current year in the  Long-Term Plan.

It is prepared for the Regional and Strategic Leadership Committee of the Council and for the community.

View the Quarterly Portfolio Performance Reports.