Together we can

Me mahi tahi tātou

Waitaha - our Canterbury region - is like no other and we are proud to call it home. We work with Papatipu Rūnanga, stakeholders and the wider community to manage the use and quality of our natural resources, including water, land and air. As a Regional Council we're responsible for flood protection, public transport, Civil Defence, and more. 

Together we're taking action together to shape a thriving and resilient Canterbury, now and for future generations. Toitū te marae o Tāne, toitū te marae o Tangaroa, toitū te iwi.

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As a Regional Council, our specific responsibilities also include:


Hazard management and flood protection

We monitor our rivers to protect and keep our waterways safe and plentiful. Our flood protection schemes help protect communities, properties and the environment.  We work with civil defence to provide support in the event of flooding, storms and earthquakes. It’s our job to manage coastal water quality, including discharges to the sea, and coastal hazards investigations, so that our coastal environment can be preserved and enjoyed by everyone.


Restoring the mauri of the environment

We're restoring the mauri of the region so that our environment | taiao can thrive. Together we work with communities to revive biodiversity and balance the needs of our environment and our people for generations to come.


Environmental monitoring and reporting

We're working towards less pollution for our wellbeing. We're making a difference with innovative public transport and cleaner home heating, using technology to monitor our environment and the needs of our people.


Harbour navigation and safety and marine response

We keep our waterways safe and plentiful for all. We protect our rivers to protect rivers, lakes and sea. We monitor our water and coastlines so we can build resilience to climate change. Together we adapt to change and build resilience to floods. We help protect people, properties and the environment to ensure a sustainable environment for all.


Biodiversity and pest management

We look after our natural environment so flora and fauna can flourish. We're regenerating biodiversity, protecting rivers and wetlands, and reducing pests for a healthy ecosystem.


Sustainable land use and management

We're learning from each other to keep our land healthy and prosperous. We lead change for a better environment combining science with the traditional knowledge from Te Ao Māori. We’re working with farmers to protect mahinga kai resources and ecosystems on farms.