The Kaikōura water zone is one of the most tectonically active parts of New Zealand and features diverse landscapes, biodiversity and land uses over short distances. Its distinctive rocky coast in close proximity to high mountains gives rise to many short, steep, swift-flowing rivers. The vision for Kaikōura is to ensure its waters enhance the abundance and quality of life in the region.

Kaikōura Plains Recovery Project

The Ministry for Primary Industries-funded Kaikōura Plains Recovery Project (KPRP) supported Kaikōura farmers after the 2016 earthquakes, until 2020. Read about the outcomes of the Project.

What does the Kaikōura water zone committee do?

The committee works with community members and an on-the-ground team made up of Environment Canterbury staff to implement water management work programmes in the Kaikōura area. Sign up to our mailing list for updates.

What are we aiming to achieve by 2020?

We've agreed on several areas of priority and outcomes to budget for and act on in the Kaikōura water zone, which we will measure progress against to 2020.

View the five-year delivery outcomes for Kaikōura
  • A safe water supply from all community water schemes

  • Maintain the unique wilderness and undeveloped character of the Clarence/Waiau Toa through maintaining biodiversity, enhancing natural values and mahinga kai

  • Remaining wetlands in the zone are maintained, protected and restored allowing for safe mahinga kai

  • Nutrients are being managed to ensure the water quality outcomes on the Kaikōura Plains are at an acceptable level as defined by the Land and Water Regional Plan

  • In-stream ecosystem health is improved to allow for safe mahinga kai and recreational use of the Waikōau/Lyell Creek catchment

  • Ensure Kaikōura’s EarthCheck status is not undermined by the declining state of waterways

  • Environmental values of waterways are not undermined by the transport corridor through the zone

  • To continue to broaden the Kaikōura community’s awareness and involvement in water management issues and initiatives

Zone Implementation Programmes

Zone Implementation Programmes or ZIPs were developed in the early stages of the zone committees' existence, following the adoption of the Canterbury Water Management Strategy.

While we may have moved on in terms of our priorities in each zone, ZIPs remain the foundation of the work we do. You can download the Kaikōura ZIP using the button at the bottom of the page.