Meet your southern Environment Canterbury team

We deliver work through an on-the-ground team made up of Environment Canterbury staff. Our staff provide localised assistance and advice regarding biodiversity, land management, consents and compliance.

Our southern team covers the areas from Rakaia to Waitaki and their river catchments including Ashburton, Methven, Temuka, Timaru, Waimate, Fairlie, Twizel, Omarama and Kurow.

Zone delivery teams

Zone delivery teams, like land management and biodiversity advisors and special projects advisors, are available to provide guidance and assistance in various areas, including:

  • farming,
  • land use,
  • biodiversity projects,
  • securing funding and fostering connections with other stakeholders.

We also have a zone delivery team for the northern and central zones.

Meet the southern zone delivery team

Gina Slee - Zone Delivery Lead - Ōrāri Temuka Ōpihi Pareora (OTOP) zone.

Gina oversees the great mahi carried out by the team within the Ōrāri Temuka Ōpihi Pareora (OTOP) zone. Contact Gina if you have any queries regarding the zone team’s work or projects across the zone. 

 027 549 7679 



Peter Burt - Zone Delivery Lead - Upper Waitaki and Lower Waitaki zones

Peter oversees the great mahi carried out by the team within the Upper Waitaki and Lower Waitaki zones. Contact Peter if you have any queries regarding the zone team’s work or projects across the zone.

 027 540 7841 



Henry Winchester - Zone Delivery Lead - Ashburton

Henry WinchesterHenry grew up in Ashburton and has a background in freshwater planning. Henry gained a Masters of Planning from Lincoln University and has been with Environment Canterbury for six years working previously as a consents planner and then in the planning section as a senior planner.

Henry has a passion for the environment, sport and the agriculture sector. Henry is also involved with civil defence and regularly responds as the planning manager during events.

Contact Henry if you have any queries regarding the zone team’s work or projects across the zone.

   027 362 9501 

Kennedy Lange - Senior Biodiversity Advisor

Kennedy supports landowners, community groups and agencies in protecting biodiversity and improving land management practices. He has specialist experience in weed control, sediment management and critical source mapping.

 027 207 6375 


Helen Risk - Senior Land Management and Biodiversity Advisor (based in Twizel) - on parental leave

Helen supports for Farm Environment Plans and Good Management Practice Advice. Helen can help with advice on Regional Plan rules, funding requests and advice for Biodiversity projects. Helen works part time (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday).

 027 540 7841 


Nikki Jenkins - Senior Land Management Advisor (OTOP)

Nikki grew up in Southland and has lived in various regions around New Zealand. Nikki has held various roles over the years, including Dairy Farming, Environmental Consulting and Environmental Compliance.

Nikki enjoys working together with a variety of stakeholders to implement good land management practices.

 027 208 7073 

Rosemary Clucas - Land Management and Biodiversity Advisor (OTOP)

Kate Brown - Land Management Advisor (OTOP)

Kate grew up on various farms around South Canterbury. Kate has transferred from the biosecurity team, and is one of the Land Management Advisors across the Ōrāri Temuka Ōpihi Pareora (OTOP) zone.

 027 200 6849

Donna Field - Land Management and Biodiversity Advisor (Ashburton)

Donna FieldDonna was one of the first members of the Ashburton water zone committee and eventually became its chair. 

She and her husband own a sheep and beef farm in the Rakaia Gorge and Donna enjoys seeing farming being done in conjunction with enhancing ecological values.

Donna works with the community, industry and landowners on implementing good land management practice and biodiversity.

 021 914 828 

Amy McIlraith - River / Awa and Biodiversity Advisor (Ashburton)

Amy Grace McIlraithAmy grew up in North Canterbury and is now based in the Ashburton district. Amy has a science background, as well as experience in monitoring and compliance.

She joined us in 2019 as a compliance officer, and now works a dual role sharing her time between the Rivers section and Zone delivery.

Amy focuses on river and waterway management, with an emphasis on biodiversity to improve outcomes for our awa and community. She is also involved in the flood recovery space in a support role.

Contact Amy if you have any questions about biodiversity, the flood protection and drainage bylaw, or freshwater management.

 027 254 3725 

Billy Bartrum - Land Management and Biodiversity Advisor (Ashburton)

Billy BartumBilly works with Industry, landowners, and the wider community to engage on land management practices and biodiversity. Billy is available to help people understand how to be compliant with regulations and implement good management practices on their land.

Billy can also help with knowledge of local biodiversity and implementing measures that will help to protect and enhance the natural environment.

Billy works in the Ashburton zone, in between the Rakaia and the Rakitata rivers, and into the upper Waimakariri basin.

 027 248 1339 

Michelle Ingham - Land Management and Biodiversity Advisor (Ashburton)

Michelle comes from a dairy farming background in Canterbury and has a bachelor's degree in Biology and Environmental Sciences from Canterbury University. Get in touch to get help with protecting and enhancing biodiversity and implementing good land management practices.

 027 257 0300 

Jess Cochrane - Land Management and Biodiversity Advisor (Ashburton)

Jess has been farming on their family farm in South Canterbury for the past ten years and has now joined the Ashburton Zone delivery team as a land management and biodiversity adviser.

They are available to work with people and groups to implement good management practices and assist in how to be compliant under new regulations.

Jess is passionate about working with people to achieve the best environmental and biodiversity outcomes possible.

 027 272 0381 

Jenna Hughes-Games - Land Management Advisor - on parental leave

bio to come.

Resource management and incident response

Our resource management staff work within local zone delivery and regional teams to provide advice, monitor and respond to resource management enquiries and issues. Find out more about resource management and incident response.

Michael Nolan - Senior Resource Management Officer - Incident Response

Michael is happy to help you with all things compliance – from rules and legislation to site visits and health and safety.

 027 295 4247 



Hannah Westoby - Resource Management Officer (OTOP)

Hannah looks after anything industrial and specialise in air odour dust discharges and river works. Hannah has a background in compliance monitoring/auditing.

 027 257 4502 



Julia Hullen - Resource Management Officer (OTOP)

Julia has a background in Biosecurity, she is one of the officers who looks after the stormwater and wastewater consents in the Ōrāri Temuka Ōpihi Pareora (OTOP) zone.

 027 347 7024

Shannon Trower - Resource Management Officer

Bio to come. 


Adam Thomas - Resource Management Officer

Bio to come.

Jaime Moore - Resource Management Officer

Bio to come. 



Katrina Te Rito - Resource Management Officer (Upper Waitaki, based in Twizel)

Katrina works across various topics in the Upper Waitaki zone, including industry, rural, and water. Katrina attends incidents if required.

 027 286 1715 



Terry Hewitt - Senior Resource Management Officer (Ashburton)

Terry HewittTerry moved from the Waikato to the Ashburton District in 1995 with wife Wendy, two daughters and 600 cows. He farmed and then spent 10 years in aviation before joining Environment Canterbury.

Terry works out of the Ashburton Office in CME operations as a rural/farming specialist with the farming community and large irrigation schemes.

He can help people with understanding the regulatory processes, rules and regulations, and problem-solving.

 027 406 7429 

Isabelle Lourenco de Almeida - Resource Management Officer (Ashburton)

Isabelle has studied Agricultural Engineering in Brazil and worked in scientific research of plant propagation (Brazil), horticulture (USA), and the dairy industry (New Zealand). Isabelle moved to New Zealand in 2017 and has lived in Ashburton since 2018. She is currently studying at Lincoln University – Post Graduate in Environmental Management.

Isabelle is passionate about protecting the environment and helping the community. She can provide advice related to environmental improvements, provide information, and education. Isabelle also monitors the MHVwater irrigation scheme.

 027 268 5066 

Felicity Thomas - Resource Management Officer (Ashburton)

Felicity grew up on a cropping and sheep farm in New South Wales, Australia and has a bachelor’s degree in environmental management from Lincoln University.

Felicity has a passion for agriculture and the environment and can help with advice for the rural sector.

 027 308 6182 

Mark Leith - Resource Management Officer Incident Response (Ashburton)

Mark grew up on a Southland sheep and beef farm near Edendale and joined the dairy industry as a candidate at the Southland Dairy Coop, as well as studied Dairy Technology at Massey University.

After many years working in manufacturing and operations with Fonterra, he recently joined Environment Canterbury and is working within the industrial Portfolio across the Ashburton zone.

Mark is happy to support anyone with any questions relating to complex manufacturing processes.

 027 273 637 

Lisa Ree - Resource Management Officer Compliance Monitoring - Incident Response (Ashburton)

Lisa is originally from Central Otago and moved to the Canterbury area a few years ago. She has previous experience working at the Hurunui and Waimakariri District Councils over the past years, covering a wide range of roles within both councils.

Lisa is looking after Affordable Waters and compliance for the Ashburton area and is a very approachable person to contact if you require any assistance.

 027 230 9185 

Water zone committee facilitation

Our water zone committee facilitators support the region's water zone committees to develop actions and tactics to deliver on the Canterbury Water Management Strategy targets. Read more about the water zone committees and what they do.

Dave Moore - Zone Facilitator (Ashburton and Lower Waitaki)

Local projects and priorities

We work with landowners, community, groups and other organisations to undertake a number of actions in the zone which support the protection and enhancement of biodiversity, water quality, mahinga kai and more.  

Other contacts for southern Canterbury:

Lauren Hamilton – Zone Manager

Media - Media enquiries and communications  027 221 5259 

Report an environmental incident

If you see dirt, sediment or chemicals leaving building sites and going onto footpaths or roads, report it using the Snap, Send, Solve app or phone us on  0800 765 588 (24/7).